Care and Maintenance

When you purchase Summer Classics® furniture, you’re making an investment in high-quality outdoor furniture designed to last throughout the years. At Summer Classics we use the best materials in the industry, from marine-grade teak to hand woven wrought iron, we honor your investment by carefully creating timeless pieces. Our team has put together some tips on maintaining and taking care of your furniture to lengthen the life cycle and longevity of our products.

1. For general cleaning of all Summer Classics products, we recommend to simply wash with a mixture of mild liquid soap and water. We do not advise using any other chemical based cleaning products as this could potentially break down the integrity of the materials.

2. The N-dura™ Resin Wicker, Resysta resin, and Superstone materials from Summer Classics we recommend to simply wash with a mixture of mild liquid soap and water.



3. If you have cast aluminum, wrought aluminum, or wrought iron collections we recommend that you wash your furniture with a mild liquid soap such as car wash soap. If the furniture is scratched down to the bare metal, we suggest sanding, with 400-grit sandpaper, ONLY ON THE AFFECTED AREA, to prevent rust oxidation. Next, apply matching color touch up paint. Factory-matched touch-up paint may be available from your retailer.

4. Our natural teak furniture is natural teak. After a time, all natural teak will develop a silvery-gray patina, the natural characteristics of teak, once it is exposed to outdoor elements. If this is the look you prefer, simply clean your teak as needed about once a year, with a soft bristle brush and a solution of mild liquid detergent and a small amount of household bleach dissolved in warm water. This will remove most of the weathered characteristics such as, air pollutions and algae. If you prefer to maintain the original teak color, clean your furniture and apply a coat of teak sealer. Teak sealers are available at many furniture retailers, and local hardware stores, and will include application directions. Teak sealer will need to be reapplied according to conditions and exposure. Summer Classics does not recommend the use of teak oil.
5. Below, you’ll find a link for instructions on specific fabric cleaning.

*Never clean outdoor cushions with a pressure washer. 

Most of our outdoor fabrics we use are loom-woven, and backed with a rubberized coating to hold the threads in place and create a water-resistant base; any excessive pressure can tear through the material, causing the outdoor cushions to hold moisture and to mold or mildew. Summer Classics outdoor cushions have, surrounding the foam and Dacron batting, a water resistant jacket that can also be damaged from pressure washing.


6. Frame covers are a great way to keep cushions clean in the outdoor environments. We recommend only using breathable furniture covers on SC product. You can buy covers at our retail stores click here to locate a retail store in your area.

7. If you have a poolside patio set, be sure to double check the materials used in the collection. The type of water in your pool could determine long lasting outdoor furniture. If you have a salt-water pool you should consider a collection designed for ocean environments. If you have an ionized pool your SC furniture should be ok with normal care. Lastly, a chlorine pool can also affect your outdoor furniture. Chlorine pools may require more frequent maintenance and can affect the performance of materials from Summer Classics. Be sure when purchasing Summer Classics outdoor collections to check the warranties and consider the environment of your furniture location.

By using these tips and ideas you can ensure your outdoor furniture withstands throughout the years in style!



If you are in need of warranty on Summer Classics items, please email us at Please include images of items or parts that are in need of warranty along with a description and any other pertinent information. We will submit the warranty on our customers behalf and further assist if replacements are approved from manufacturer.